The history of the adventuring party:

Experience Awards            A history of the experience awards handed out to party members.
Session 1 (04/15/08)   The Swallowtail festival in the town of Sandpoint is spoiled by the appearance of goblin raiders.
Session 2 (05/27/08)   The party fights off the goblin raiders, rescuing a local noble in the process.
Session 3 (06/11/08)   The party enjoys their hero status in Sandpoint in the week after the raid.
Session 4 (07/27/08)   The party meets Shalelu, rescues a family from a goblin raider and investigates the Sandpoint glassworks.
Session 5 (08/14/08)   The party explores the Sandpoint glassworks and confronts the apparent leader of the goblins.
Session 6 (09/23/08)   The party spends time training, resting, and re-equipping before entering the smuggler's tunnels below the Sandpoint glassworks.
Session 7 (10/08/08)   The party continues to explore the tunnels below Sandpoint.
Session 8 (10/21/08)   The party fights a demonic creature in the tunnels below Sandpoint, then travel to the goblin lair at Thistletop.
Session 9 (11/05/08)   The party explores the thorny tunnels at Thistletop, returning to Sandpoint a few times for healing.
Session 10 (11/18/08)   The party trains in Sandpoint before returning to Thistletop for a raid at dawn.
Session 11 (12/09/08)   The party continues the raid on Thistletop, descending into the chambers below the goblin's stockade.
Session 12 (01/07/09)   The party continues the raid on Thistletop, clearing out the first dungeon level and proceeding to the second.
Session 13 (01/21/09)   The party defeats the leader of the Thistletop goblins and returns to Sandpoint.
Session 14 (02/18/09)   The party rests in Sandpoint, taking care of business while Gob studies magic, then returns to Thistletop.
Session 15 (02/21/09)   The party investigates serial killings, explores an infested farm, and becomes trapped in a haunted house.
Session 16 (04/07/09)   The party explores the haunted house further.
Session 17 (05/20/09)   The party explores caverns under the haunted house, defeating the killer and destroying the evil infesting the place.
Session 18 (08/11/09)   The party sails to Magnimar, exploring the city and investigating the Foxglove townhouse.
Session 19 (09/23/09)   The party searches the Foxglove townhouse, finding important clues, and investigates the Seven's Sawmill.
Session 20 (10/28/09)   The party rests and trains, then investigates the Shadow Clock in Magnimar's Underbridge.
Session 21 (12/16/09)   The party climbs the Shadow Clock and fight the villain behind the ritual murders in Magnimar and Sandpoint, who kills Signore and Deivon.
Session 22 (01/20/10)   Gob and Kiria join forces with Garrick and Elvisa, several friends and the townhouse are attacked, and the group travels to the Bilge Rats stronghold.
Session 23 (02/08/10)   The party fights the leader of the Bilge Rats, discovers the new lair of the villain behind the ritual murders, and defeats her in combat.
Session 24 (03/03/10)   The party receive a commission from Lord Phelan Escelant to rescue his heir Valorio from a shipwreck in a marsh near Sandpoint.
Session 25 (04/26/10)   The party enters the Brinestump Marsh and locates the shipwreck, encountering goblins led by a wolf.
Session 26 (05/06/10)   The party fights goblins, discovers the cave of Old Megus the Swamp Witch, and defeats her and her allies to rescue the shipwrecked sailors.
Session 27 (06/02/10)   The party travels to Turtleback Ferry and assaults an ogrekin farmstead, returning to town to rest before resuming their rescue mission.
Session 28 (06/21/10)   The party defeats the Graul clan of ogrekin and rescue the few surviving Black Arrow rangers, returning to town to rest and train.
Session 29 (06/30/10)   The party returns to the Graul farmstead to destroy it, and Kiria has an interesting conversation with the Black Arrow Kaven Windstrike