Rumors & tales heard by the party:

A flight of three white dragons was seen over Everlund. The dragons did not attack, but flew over the city very low, damaging at least one tower. The incident caused much panic, and the town council is offering a reward for the slaying of white dragons.

Merchants bearing the symbol of the Black Network tried to enter the village of Bluevale, but were refused entry. Not a day later, a wizard on a wyvern mount showered the town with fireballs, causing much damage and loss of life.

Moonlight's Triumph - a tale of the defense of Turnstone Pass by the Moonlight Men.

Nesmé has applied for membership in the Silver Marches alliance. Citadel Felbarr, Citadel Adbar, and Sundabar are said to oppose this, fearful of losing control in the ruling Council. Silverymoon and Mithral Hall support the admission of the embattled Nesmé, saying that it will ultimately make the Silver Marches stronger. Everlund is undecided, and efforts are underway from both sides, seeking to sway the influential merchant class to decide in their favor. If Everlund votes to accept Nesmé, the tie in the ruling Council will be decided by High Lady Alustriel, who favors admittance.

A legal case is in front of the High Lady regarding maintenance fees and the cost of public works for the smaller protectorates. The dispute threatens to become bitter, causing divisions between the major powers that make up the ruling Council.

Brighthammer Keep - a history of Brighthammer Keep, uncovered by a sage hired to research the matter by Theodar.

The Ring of Black Ice - information on the Ring of Black Ice found by Fei after he spent a tenday researching in Silverymoon.

War has come to Amn with the arrival of a horde of monsters led by flying ogre mages. The whole southern half of that country is controlled by these inhuman forces now.

A great red wyrm has slain the King of Cormyr, Azoun IV.

A band of orcs that ride giant bats have been harassing caravans on the Evermoor Way south of Olostinís Hold.

The giants in the Evermoors are being supplied by orcs from the High Forest as well as some human merchants.

Eldenser, The Wyrm Who Hides In Blades - tales of an ancient dragon that roams the North from within metal items, as told by Tibulliax, a copper dragon in the Evermoors.

Information on the green dragons of the Silverwood, as related by the half-elven bard Dorian Balakund.