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  These files contain odd bits of information related to the campaign:

Campaign Info   Background information on Tashluta.
    A map of the southern coast of the Shining Sea.
    A map of the Isle of Dread.
    The list of treasure and items the party has acquired but not yet distributed.
Session   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Session 1   View of the entrance to Tashluta's harbor.
    The invitation received by each party member.
    Lavinia Vanderboren, the party's employer.
    Soller Vark, commander of the thugs aboard the Blue Nixie.
    The insectoid creature encountered in the hold of the Blue Nixie.
    The note found wrapped around the Vanderboren signet ring hidden on the Blue Nixie.
    Vanthus Vanderboren, Lavinia's brother and thief.
Session 2   The note found on Penkus's body in the smuggling tunnels below Parrot Island.
Session 3   Nemian, a taxidermist who worked for the Lotus Dragons thieves' guild.
    The mysterious leader of the Lotus Dragons thieves' guild and her draconic companion.
Session 4   Interesting excerpts from Vanthus' scandalous loveletters to Rowyn Kellani.
    The fight against the devil-fish in the Lotus Dragon's underground harbor.
Session 5   Captain Amella of the Nightbreeze, a small pinnace which carried the party from Tashluta to Kraken's Cove.
    A pinnace - a small but fast sailing ship.
    A caravel - a larger, more advanced sailing ship.
    Deformed and savagely violent pirates encountered in Kraken's Cove.
    The large deformed dinosaur encountered in Kraken's Cove.
    Deformed cat-like creatures encountered in Kraken's Cove.
    The mobile fungi encountered in Kraken's Cove.
Session 6   Captain Harliss Javell of the fearsome Crimson Fleet.
    The party is ambushed by stilt-walkers and a disguised battle-dancer.
    The bullywugs who invaded Vanderboren Manor.
    Drevoraz, first mate of Harliss Javell, sent to kill all in Vanderboren Manor.
    Mysterious note carried by Drevoraz.
Session 7   The bullywugs encountered in the basement of Vanderboren Manor.
    The metal-eating monster encountered in the basement of Vanderboren Manor.
    Map of the party's ship, the Sea Wyvern.
    Map of the Chultan Peninsula, which the expedition will round on the way to the Isle of Dread.
    Map of the lands around Tashluta.
    Map of the Isle of Dread from Lavinia's mother's journal.
Session 8   A ballista similar to the ones mounted aboard the Sea Wyvern
    Avner Merevanchi, pompous Tashlutan noble.
    Father Feres, soft-spoken priest of Lathander.
    Lirith Veldirose, flamboyant tomboy.
    Skald, mysterious passenger.
    Ulrimm Flammath, naturalist gnome.
    Tavey Nesk, cabin boy.
    The creature loosed from a glass jar in an ambush on the party.
    The jungle around the pillaged Port Castigliar.
    The coast outside Port Nyanzaru.
Session 9   The foggy peaks of the Mistcliffs.
    The River Atikula plummeting from the Mistcliffs into the ocean 250m below.
    The nine-headed hydra that attacked the party while refilling under Atikula Falls.
    The woman who fired a ballista at Laurrens before becoming invisible again.
    The jungle surrounding the ruins of Shiliku.
    The first ziggurat encountered in the ruins of Shiliku.
    A mostly-intact building passed in the ruins of Shiliku.
    The ziggurat in the ruins of Shiliku targeted by Ulrimm's map.
    The basilisk that attacked the party in the ruins of Shiliku.
Session 10   The gibbering mouther that climbed out of an ancient well in the ruins of Shiliku.
    The bat-like fiend encountered in a sealed chamber under the ruins of Shiliku.
    The fight against the bat-like creature in the ancient temple under the ruins of Shiliku.
    Gaerxon, a Chessentan rescued from petrification in the ruins of Shiliku.
    Belegard, a Lapaliiyan rescued from petrification in the ruins of Shiliku.
    The flight of playful sea wyverns winging past the party's ship.
    The Flying Hunt of Nimbral.
Session 11   The crystal-clear, aquamarine waters surrounding Nimbral.
    The towering, mist-cloaked forests of Nimbral.
    The tattered, sodden journal found aboard the Rage in Journey's End.
    The enormous hammerclaws encountered in the hold of the Last Kiss in Journey's End.
    The slime-covered creature that attacked while traversing in Journey's End.
    Dusk in Journey's End, when that land's green children arise from the mists.
Session 12   The mother-of-all, the darkness at the black heart of Journey's End.
    The savage storm that drove the Sea Wyvern onto Masher Reef, fatally damaging her hull.
Session 13   A section of the small beach the party awoke on.
    The mouth of a jungle river where it meets the ocean.
    The huge hunting dinosaur that attacked the party on the beach just after dawn.
    The horse-sized flightless hunting birds that attacked the party's beach encampment.
    A scene from the battle against the hunting birds.
    The thick jungle surrounding the narrow beach the party was shipwrecked on.
    The enormous plant-eating dinosaurs seen in the Valley of the Ferns.
    Lithira, a mysterious shapechanging woman encountered in ancient stone ruins inhabited by spiders.
    The half-eaten humanoid-like spider found in one of the terror birds' nests.
Session 14   The mummified undead that attacked the party in the underground crypt ruins.
    The enormous crabs that attacked the party emerging from the underground tunnel.
    The bay below the cliffside road at sunrise.
    Sea stacks along the cliffside road.
    A section of sandy beach below the cliffs.
    The gargoyles that assaulted the party while traversing the cliffside road.
Session 15   Sheer cliffs falling away from the ancient road.
    Ulrimm being abducted during the gargoyle attack.
    The lush river gorge beyond the seaside mountain range.
    The mist-cloaked valley beyond the seaside mountain range.
    Cloud jungle the party descended through.
    Hillside misty jungle undergrowth.
    Swampy ground on the edges of Fogmire.
    The blighted swamp trees of Fogmire.
    Rotted stumps in the impenetrable mists of Fogmire.
    The speaking corpse bound to crossed timbers at the party's encampment site.
    The bar-lgura demons that attacked the party's encampment and abducted Lirith.
    Information on the Gargoyle Crown, a magic item recovered from the Gargoyle King.
Session 16   The undead naga encountered in the shrine of Demogorgon.
    The true form of the spellcasting naga.
    Fiendish baboons that swarmed the party.
    Fiendish baboons that attacked as a mob.
    The bar-lgura demon that slew Nather in the shrine of Demogorgon.
    The animated stone statue that fought the party after the bar-lgura's defeat.
    Information on the Gauntlets of Just Sanction, a holy relic of Tyr.
Session 17   The peaceful colony of Farshore, as viewed from the harbor entrance.
    The threatened colony of Farshore during the pirate raid.
    The bugbears that formed part of the pirate gang that attacked Farshore under Slipknot Peet.
    The ogres that formed part of the pirate gang that attacked Farshore under Slipknot Peet.
    The dire boar accompanying the pirate gang that attacked Farshore under Slipknot Peet.
    The hobgoblin wereboars that formed part of the pirate gang that attacked Farshore under Slipknot Peet.
    Slipknot Peet, leader of the pirate gang that attacked Farshore.
    The Jade Ravens, Lavinia Vanderboren's other group of personal retainers.
    Lefty the Pirate, one-handed survivor of the pirate attack on Farshore.
    Map of the colony of Farshore. Map key is here.
    Map of the island of Temute, on which Farshore lies.
    List of suggested improvements to the colony of Farshore.
    Entries from Larissa Vanderboren's journal detailing her experiences on the Isle of Dread.
    Information on the Tabaxi of the Seven Villages.
    More detailed map of the Isle of Dread.
Session 18   The Aspect of Zocotl, a bat-like humanoid that appeared to the Tabaxi of Tanaroa.
    The flaming bat-like creatures that attacked Tanaroa.
    A dimetrodon of the type that almost attacked the party.
    The grisly human corpse encountered by the party on the trail to the Fangs of Zocotl.
    Two cannibals feeding on a Tabaxi victim which the party interrupted.
    One of the Fangs of Zocotl - the one that holds the Shrine of Zocotl.
    One of the Fangs of Zocotl - the western one.
    The inferno spider that attacked the party inside the Fangs of Zocotl.
    The mysterious Tooth of Ahazu recovered by the party from the shrine of Zocotl.
Session 19   The hellfang spider, a gigantic type of fiendish hunting spider.
    Two Parasaurolophii, nocturnal herbivors that spook easily.
    Qismairadiyah, a mature gold dragon known as 'Night Hunter' to the Tabaxi.
    The curst, a type of created undead guarding the shrine of Orcus.
    The flameskull - a magically powerful type of undead servitor.
    The thrall of Orcus in the undead-infested tunnels near Panitube.
Session 20   The dire tiger that pounced upon the party on the way to the tar pits.
    The shy phanatons encountered on the way to the tar pits.
    A view of Temauti-Tecuani attacking the phanatons at the tar pits.