The history of the adventuring party:

1372 D.R.    
Session 1 (09/??/04) Fei and Theodar join forces to help a village raided by goblins, defeating their leader who was controlled by an evil sword.
Session 2 (10/16/04) Kai joins the party to investigate the ruins of a sorcerer's tower, searching for clues to the death of a paladin.
Session 3 (11/03/04) Fei and Theodar return to Sundabar while Kai studies with a druid. Celowin agrees to help raid a tower if the party later helps him get to Beorunna's Well.
Session 4 (11/10/04) Kai rejoins the party at Citadel Felbarr and the group travels to a cursed dwarven watchtower, beginning exploration.
Session 5 (11/17/04) The party makes a final raid on the Cold Tower, capturing a priestess of Auril.
Session 6 (12/01/04) The party rests at Citadel Felbarr and begins the journey to Beorunna's Well.
Session 7 (12/08/04) The party arrives in Beorunna's Well, where Kai remains while the others travel to the Moonwood to protect woodcutters.
Session 8 (12/28/04) The party returns to Beorunna's Well and learns of a troglodyte raid nearby. They set out to the north to rescue prisoners.
Session 9 (01/05/05) The party rescues prisoners from the troglodyte warrens and returns them to Beorunna's Well.
Session 10 (01/12/05) The party overcomes the guardians of a cave to find stolen dwarven magic.
Session 11 (01/19/05) The party assaults a hilltop barbarian encampment.
Session 12 (01/26/05) The party leaves Beorunna's Well and heads towards Citadel Felbarr. Kai is killed by a wyvern.
Session 13 (02/02/05) Iax joins the party on the way to Citadel Felbarr, where the group spends some time resting.
Session 14 (02/09/05) The party travels to Sundabar, rests there for a few days, then travels to Silverymoon.
Session 15 (02/23/05) The party arrives in Silverymoon and celebrates Midsummer. Fei becomes involved in intrigue.
Session 16 (03/02/05) The adventurers speak with High Mage Taern, are ambushed by kenku, and fight devils in the forest.
Session 17 (03/09/05) The party fights devils in the Steel Serpent Smithy and briefly captures two sorceresses.
Session 18 (03/16/05) The party fights kenku and devils atop a cathedral in Silverymoon.
Session 19 (03/23/05) The party fights a sorceress and her summoned minions in a Silverymoon inn.
Session 20 (03/30/05) The party travels to Everlund.
Session 21 (04/06/05) The party enters the Evermoors.
Session 22 (04/27/05) The party travels across the Evermoors, encountering a pseudodragon (Renrur), fighting a fog giant, and meeting Erenessym.
Session 23 (05/04/05) The party travels across the Evermoors, finding a plundered tomb, encountering lizardfolk, and fighting phase spiders and a hunting band of giants.
Session 24 (05/11/05) The party travels across the Evermoors, meeting a copper dragon, investigating a troll den, and fighting a yrthak.
Session 25 (05/18/05) The party travels across the Evermoors, rescuing prisoners from a band of giants, descending into a fog-enshrouded valley, and fighting a second band of giants and their human allies.
Session 26 (06/01/05) The party is attacked by zombies, explores a dwarven tomb, fights a priest of Myrkul and dwarven spectres, finds a magical warhammer, and discovers a distant stone keep inhabited by giants.
Session 27 (06/08/05) The party nears the giant's stone keep and explore the area briefly before leaving the Laughingflow vale, fighting a group of giants on the way out.
Session 28 (06/16/05) The adventurers travel across the Evermoors, returning to Everlund, meeting a group of cloud giants along the way and fighting trolls along the edges of the Silverwood.
Session 29 (07/07/05) The party fights a pair of young green dragons in the Silverwood before arriving in Everlund to present their report to Zosker and collect their reward.
Session 30 (07/21/05) The adventurers attend a ball at the Tumblecrown estate north of Everlund, where they capture Jerren Winterbite's servant and discover an alliance of evil forces.