Resources for one of the best sci-fi roleplaying games, Fading Suns

Quick-start PDFClick here to download a quick-start PDF to get familiar with the setting and rules!

Alustro's JournalsClick here to view Alustro's journals. Alustro is a priest who travels the stars with his band of companions, finding adventure, discovering new wonders, and recording his experiences to share with others. They are an excellent introduction to the Fading Suns setting.

Alustro's JournalsClick here to view volume 2 of Alustro's journals.


Links to other Fading Suns websites:

Yahoo GroupsThe Fading Suns group at Yahoo Groups.

Björn Sandberg's siteBjörn Sandberg has a site with info on starships, the world of Midian, and a drama.

FS Campaign HistoryThis site hosts session summaries from a Fading Suns campaign.

The world of WindfallThe website for a Fading Suns campaign set on the world of Windfall.

Noblesse ObligeNoblesse Oblige, another Fading Suns campaign.

Crunchy BitsThe website of another Fading Suns fan, some crunchy bits here.

Fading Suns WebringThe Jumpweb, a Fading Suns webring.