People the party has met:

Adin Gralson This young Black Lion tracker helped the party rescue captive barbarians from troglodytes.
Aelthas Stormlord Wild-eyed barbarian priest of Talos popular in Beorunna's Well. Killed by Celowin's arrows.
Alina the Spellwarder Attractive wizard that lives in a stone tower in Beorunna's Well. She is a devotee of Helm and friendly with the party.
Amafrey Silvertongue Harper skald (barbarian bard) who roams the North. The party met her in Beorunna's Well.
Bremaeril Caellicin Half-elven sorcerer who teaches at Arkhen's Invocatorium in Silverymoon's Southbank.
Cardus Rockfist Shield dwarf battle leader from Citadel Felbarr. The party helped him battle orcs and he has become a good friend.
Davus Thilrivven Village spokesman of Redridge. He is grateful to Theodar, Fei, and Kai for dealing with a monster that was eating the village's livestock.
Dorian Balakund Half-elven bard in Everlund who is known as an expert on the dragons of the Silver Marches.
Durin Battlehammer Shield dwarf in Citadel Felbarr friendly with Cardus Rockfist. He is the cousin of King Bruenor Battlehammer, Lord of Mithral Hall.
Erenessym Moon elf ranger from Silverymoon. He seems to be very paranoid, especially about dwarves and gold elves from Evermeet.
Glandar Steelskin Gnome representative of the Silver Marches, formerly ambassador to Citadel Felbarr.
Hask Bloodaxe Chief law-giver of Beorunna's Well and sword-thane to Black Lion chieftan Andar Heartwood. He carries a glowing, enchanted sword and is grateful to the party for helping him defeat the priest of Talos, Aelthas.
Illok Monk of Ilmater freed from captivity at the hands of giants in the Evermoors. He is a scout operating out of Silverymoon and carried a message there for the party.
Jerren Winterbite Frost mage from the village of Redridge. He is supposedly responsible for a paladin's death, at the orders of Shymra. He left the village before Theodar, Fei, and Kai arrived, supposedly heading to Everlund.
Jhespyn Swordmantle Local lord of some lands in Sundabar Vale. The party met him at a dinner at Mithral Hall, where he asked for help with a den of trolls on his lands.
Lothirius Mysterious human mage who met the party on a trail in the wilderness. He said he'd heard of the party and wanted to reward them for their heroic deeds, and gave them a magical horn from ancient Netheril before leaving.
Justicar Marlus Senior paladin of Tyr at the Hall of Everlasting Justice in Sundabar. This is the man who gives Theodar orders.
Nidral The town spokesman for Rivermoot. Missing most of one leg. He and the town of Rivermoot are very grateful to Theodar and Fei for bringing back one of the village's horses after it was stolen by goblins.
Ombert Starnhap Well-dressed halfling merchant in Beorunna's Well.
Peldor Goldhand Gold dwarf in Citadel Felbarr. He sought the party to ask them about the cursed dwarven watchtower they had been to. Doesn't seem to be an ally of Cardus Rockfist.
Pydow Starnhap Halfling entertainer at the Rising Star inn in Beorunna's Well.
Randal Lackman Horse thief from Redridge captured by the party after he stole their horses. Sold into slavery at the hands of the Zhentarim.
Radigirst Priest of Shar the party captured after his adventuring companions attacked the group in the Evermoors. He claimed to be there hunting treasure and led the party to the giant's stronghold in exchange for being released.
Ristan Young Harper based out of Moongleam Tower in Everlund. Helped the party out by digging up info on Jerren Winterbite.
Sammis the Green Half-elf (green elf) druid in the foothills of the Nether Mountains near Redridge. He is friendly with Kai and has taught him many things.
Shymra Smallen Priestess of Auril who sought control over the village of Redridge by nefarious plots. Her stronghold in a cursed dwarven watchtower was crushed by the party's actions, and she is now a prisoner in the custody of the church of Tyr.
High Mage Taern Hornblade Ruler of Silverymoon. He is a tall, grave mage with a neatly trimmed beard.
Tamm Gordrivver Gold dwarven merchant in Citadel Felbarr. The party recovered some stolen property of his and returned it to him for a mithral shirt. He hates barbarians.
Lord Tharlon Unknown merchant lord in the embattled city of Nesmé; possibly involved with shady dealings in Beorunna's Well.
Tibulliax A large copper dragon in the Evermoors. He conversed with the party for most of a day, telling riddles, puzzles, and a few stories.
Zosker Anthalar Rotund Amnian merchant in Everlund. He seems to be a friend of the Harpers and an ally of Bremaeril's. Hired the party to scout out giants in the Evermoors.