Vladek Vracu

Vladek is a tall but slender man. His face carries the rugged features of the Nar people — a square jaw, bristly black facial hair, and deep-set black eyes. Though he sports a goatee, Vladek shaves his head bald in the Thayvian style. His dress is almost uniformly black, from mirror-black boots to black robes and gloves to even a small onyx affixed to his forehead via a silver chain. Underneath his finely-tailored vest one can see Vladek’s glimmering mithral chain shirt and a fist-sized leather pouch hanging around his neck. A luxurious black silk cloak billows out behind him, at times seeming to have a life of its own. Vladek carries a morningstar at his side, a cold iron head affixed to an ebony shaft.