Celowin EveningFall

Celowin Caspian Eveningfall is a slim moon elf just under six feet tall with grey eyes and long silver-blue hair. Elven-style tattoos depicting an urborus mark both of his wrists and upper arms. When in his home, Silverymoon, he dresses as an urbane city dweller; when travelling in the wilderness of the North he wears the simpler dress and earthen colors of the elvenkind.

Even more so than most moon elves, Celowin feels that instilling elven values, culture, and tradition amongst other races is important. He also believes it is important to both learn from and respect other races and their cultures.

Celowin loves Silverymoon and would defend it to the death. He respects those that defend the city: the Harpers, the Spellguard, the Knights in Silver. While he is not a Harper himself, he believes strongly in their ideals and has aided them in the past.

Celowin is an archery instructor at Everdusk Hall, an elven temple and library that is part of the Conclave of Silverymoon. He enjoys studying a wide variety of subjects, but is too unfocused to be much of a scholar, except where the martial arts are concerned.