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  Tales, rumors, and other bits of information the party has heard:

The Kellani family is rumoured to desire the prestigious post of harbourmaster, currently held by the aging Kelte Islaran. Some say the Matroness of the Kellani family hasn't ever fully abandoned the piracy that is rumoured to be the base of her family's wealth.
If you're looking for an exotic or dangerous 'pet', look in the Azure District's West Market. The Azure Watch keeps a close eye on the trade, so you might have to spend a little time searching for the right contact.
The Lomposo family from the Champion's District are involved in an ongoing struggle with the Jalamba family from Cudgel District over the ownership of the lucrative Thunder River Lumber business. The Lomposos are also at odds with the Wasat family over something involving the Smith's Guild.
A small, windowless shrine in Cudgel district is padlocked with heavy chains, and rumours say that mysterious individuals have been seen entering and leaving the shrine using silver keys at all hours of the day and night. High Watcher Laro of Helm's House of the Warding Hand says there's no problem, but others say that devil worship and live sacrifice take place in that evil place, and that High Watcher Laro may be involved himself.
Vanthus Vanderboren, who supposedly left town a month ago, was seen just the other week in "It Still Floats!" with another low-level criminal named Penkus. The pair were arguing with the owner and then purchased a boat and supplies, heading out of Tashluta's harbor. In the month since he's supposedly been missing, he has also visited the Vanderboren vault under the House of the Warding Hand several times, evidently making off with the majority of the Vanderboren family treasury.
Representatives of the Goldenshield Trading Consortium are rumoured to be meeting with a group of pirates in a hidden cove somewhere along the Tashalar coast.
The Serpentfall festival is a wild, day-long party held in Tashluta every year in the month of Ches. The festival commemorates a long-ago victory over the serpentfolk forces that had dominated the city for hundreds of years.
Information on the near-mythical island realm of Nimbral, far to the south of the jungle-covered peninsula of Chult.
The ancient race that built the city of Shiliku as well as many other now-ruined sites across the Chultan peninsula ruled a far-flung empire of great complexity, wealth, and artistry. Under a pantheon of savage and unyielding gods, the entire civilization vanished from Faerūn a thousand years ago. Scholars argue whether religious strife, civil war, supernatural tumult, or foreign invasion was to blame.
Sailors speak of a swath of seaweed miles across, a treacherous patch of vegetation driven by storms to collect in regions of the ocean that even the wind and currents seem to fear. Called Journey's End, the living island appears from the mists after storms and is aid to have a black soul that fuels the hunger of children rumoured to live within its green embrace.
A great plateau sits at the island's center, where ancient terrible gods slumber. Those who defile that sacred place risk waking them.
Natives found on the isles south of the seven Tabaxi villages are feral cannibals who attack and ritually consume strangers. They are known for their war drums and often form raiding parties on outrigger canoes.
Spider demons dwell in the jungle. They seek to enslave and experiment on anyone who comes into their grasp.
Avoid the mysterious fogs on the main island at any cost. They herald the arrival of more dire creatures to Faerūn. Never step into the heart of the fog or you won't return to this world ever again!
As dangerous as the island's surface is, the world below the island is far worse. Great cavernous spaces beneath the jungle hold titanic water demons, performing foul rites and bloody sacrifices.
The Crimson Fleet are the most feared gang of pirates on any of Faerūn's seas. Even the Rundeen and the Flying Hunt of Nimbral seek to avoid them.