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  The history of the adventuring party:

Experience Awards            A history of the experience awards handed out to party members.
Session 1 (09/19/10)   Hired by a Tashlutan noble, the party recovers a key from her impounded ship and gains access to her family vault.
Session 2 (10/03/10)   Trapped in undead-infested smuggling tunnels, the party discovers important information and eventually escape.
Session 3 (10/17/10)   While investigating a business front, the party finds and assaults the stronghold of the Lotus Dragons thieves' guild.
Session 4 (10/31/10)   The party finishes exploring the Lotus Dragons thieves' guild underground stronghold.
Session 5 (11/14/10)   The party sails to Kraken's Cove where they encounter many savage, deformed animals and humanoids.
Session 6 (12/12/10)   The party explores the sea caves of Kraken's Cove, racing back to Tashluta to rescue their employer from assassins.
Session 7 (01/09/11)   Vanderboren Manor is cleared of the bullywug assassins sent by Captain Harliss Javell.
Session 8 (01/23/11)   Beginning an epic journey to round the Chultan peninsula, the party deals with a stowaway assassin and a pirate blockade.
Session 9 (02/13/11)   Continuing to round Chult, the party fights off a hydra and a giant ocean-borne ooze before moving inland to explore jungle ruins.
Session 10 (02/20/11)   From the jungle-cloaked ruins of Shiliku, the expedition continues on to the tribal village of Renkrue and Rauthaven in Nimbral.
Session 11 (03/06/11)   After resupplying in Nimbral, the expedition is separated by a storm and the party becomes stuck in the enormous sargasso called Journey's End.
Session 12 (03/20/11)   The party treks to the centre of Journey's End to destroy its black soul. Later, a savage storm results in the destruction of the Sea Wyvern
Session 13 (04/03/11)   Shipwrecked on the Isle of Dread, the party begins an arduous overland trek to the colony of Farshore on the other end of the island.
Session 14 (04/17/11)   The party escapes an ancient tunnel and continues the journey along a cliffside road.
Session 15 (05/15/11)   After fighting off armies of the gargoyle king on an ancient cliffside road, the party becomes lost in Fogmire, stalked by demonic forces.
Session 16 (05/29/11)   Nather is slain battling demons in the shrine of Demogorgon, but Lirith is rescued and the adventurers escape Fogmire to reach the village of Tanaroa.
Session 17 (06/12/11)   The party reaches Farshore in time to help defend against a pirate raid, learning that it was a scouting mission for a larger raid in two month's time.
Session 18 (07/10/11)   In an attempt to negotiate a military alliance with Tanaroa, the party is forced to return an idol to a shrine of evil.
Session 19 (07/24/11)   The party returns to Tanaroa where they learn the Tabaxi are being attacked by a gold dragon, who directs them to Panitube to hunt demonic cultists.
Session 20 (08/07/11)   The party return to Tanaroa to aid negotiations between the gold dragon and the Tabaxi, then travel to the tar pits to confront a legendary dinosaur.
Session 21 (08/21/11)   Led by their new allies, the party visit the phanaton village before entering the Blackfen swamp in search of rare medicinal plants and lost ruins.
Session 22 (09/04/11)   After recovering a hidden weapon cache and freeing an imprisoned guardian, the party return to Temute to secure a valuable hardwood grove.