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Taark Ironshoulder

Artisan of the Forge Taark IronShoulder, Battle-priest of Moradin

Taark hails from Iltkazar, the last remaining of the eight original dwarven kingdoms of Deep Shanatar. Surrounded by hostile neighbours, the shield dwarves of the Mithral Kingdom stubbornly persevere.

Son of a dwarven priest of Moradin and a stonemason, Taark was named after the Great Crusader, King of Alatorin, Lord of Brightaxe Hall, he who sat in the Wyrmskull Throne. He was gifted with the strength and determination of his father and the resilience and insight of his mother.

After doing well in the militia, where his physicality and endless endurance were evident, Taark was to become a warrior, but he also caught the attention of the Hammers of Moradin, a small militaristic sect of the Dwarffather's church, which recruited him into their ranks.

Taark is still a young dwarf at the age of 57. He stands tall at 4' 9" and weights in the neighbourhood of 200 pounds. His skin is light and earth like, with a texture that almost resembles granite. His eyes are gemlike green and his hair is like the fire that feeds the forge. His beard is carefully braided and very well kept.

Taark wears his dwarvencraft plate mail with pride. It is painted matt black, lined with golden dwarven runes that speak of the history of his race. His shield matches his armour and has an anvil as the centre motif. His warhammer is also matte black and gold, made entirely of steel.