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Laurrens Lukasz sar Errant

The Tashlutan House of the Knight Errant is so named due to a mistake 10 generations ago, when Laurrens' ancestor came to Tashluta as a traveling knight. A fierce paladin of Torm, he bravely helped free Tashluta from the influences of the Yuan-ti. He was rewarded with nobility, but the locals didn't understand that in his native dialect errant meant travelling, and thought his family name was Errant.

Closer to home, the family has always followed Torm, and as such are closely linked to Anachtyr's following in Tashluta. Laurrens' great-grandfather was quite the degenerate gambler, spending most of his post-adventuring life betting on the gladiators, leaving the already poor and minor house in the dire straights that Laurrens' father inherited, and passed on.

Laurrens' father married a half-elf sorcerer from Halruaa, who is a little "crazy", and started his own family, having had two sons: Jeans and Laurrens Lukasz sar Errant (note that the last name is actually Lukasz, sar Errant is the local house name). Jeans was always very close to his father, always keeping the law close to his heart, Laurrens though was closer to his mother, which led his father to send him to study in the Vast among the people from which his family had come.

Ten years later, at the age of 18, Laurrens' father passed away. Jeans assumed the house and asked Laurrens to come home. As a family tradition, 10% of all he earns during the adventuring years goes to his house. Jeans has no children of his own yet, so should anything happen to him Lukasz must assume the house.

Laurrens himself is not of a lawful alignement, only neutral good, but in reality he is torn between his father's Lawfulness and his mother's chaos, and bound by his duties.

In battle Laurrens wields Errant's Fang, a greatsword that has been in his family for generations. Though the blade was destroyed while rescuing a fair maiden from assassins, his priest of Moradin ally arranged for the finest dwarven smith in Tashluta to craft an even stronger and keener replacement.