The doru:

The doru is a spear that was the chief armament of hoplites (heavy infantry) in Ancient Greece. This version of the doru is about two metres (six feet) in length and has a handle with a diameter of two inches made of bronze- or iron-shod wood. The flat leaf-shaped spearhead is composed of iron and its weight is counterbalanced by a bronze butt-spike.

Though aerodynamically shaped, the heaviness of the shaft makes it unsuitable as a throwing weapon. The wide, often serrated, leaf-like shape of the weapon's head is capable of inflicting devastating wounds. However, the weight and balance of the weapon require extensive training to be able to wield effectively.

Cost  Dmg (S)  Dmg (M)  Critical  Range Increment  Weight  Type
15 gp   1d8   1d10   x3   -   8 lb.   Piercing