This webpage is devoted to one of my favorite sci-fi role-playing games, Gamma World. In a post-apocalyptic setting, you play mutants with wondrous powers or 'pure strain' humans with advanced technology. There are ruins to explore, lost science to rediscover, strange vistas to see, and more.

Gamma World has evolved quite a bit since it first appeared in 1978. My favorite is the 3rd edition, the most supported and well-developed, but also the one with game mechanics that differed most from the other editions. In the September/October 2002 issue (actually #94, mistakenly numbered #92) of Polyhedron, rules for a d20 version of Gamma World appeared. Called Omega World, it shows some real promise for further development.

Right now my GW site is pretty barren, but I will gradually be adding more and more material as I convert it and get ready for presentation. No one wants to see a bunch of illegible, hand-scrawled ramblings that only I can decipher. For now, though, you'll have to satisfy yourself with the Links page to the left.