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These pages will build upon the information found in Merchants of the Jumpweb, a resource required to understand the references contained in the text below.


Pronounced 'bosuns', these bureaucrats manage logistics for the Charioteers. What kinds of things to boatswains do? Is a boatswain a playable role for a character?

The answer is, it depends on the campaign. Since they are assigned to a post and don't really have freedom to roam (except when fulfilling a diplomatic assignment), they work best in a campaign that takes place largely on one planet. The best role for a boatswain character is the role of ambassador. This affords the character good reason to deal with others, freedom to travel, and plenty of built-in plot hooks. Besides, jumpkey-makers or accountants are not very exciting roles to play.

For charioteer characters that interact with boatswains: Many possibilities exist for plot hooks involving boatswains. Charioteers interact with them regularly for many reasons: Guild dues, promotions (or demotions!), jumpkey acquisitions or trades, assignments, and more. In their role as liaisons and middle-men, boatswains are typically very involved in local politics, or depending on their position, perhaps even Imperial politics! Charioteers receiving assignments from them are often drawn into the middle of delicate or even dangerous (but always exciting!) situations.


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